Temptations - Cloud Nine (FKJ Remix)

FKJ doesn’t only make glorious groovy original music but also once in a while gives his first-rate treatment to a classic. It’s one thing to make your own music sound so coherent and consistent and so YOU, but giving that touch to a classic without utterly ripping it apart is the mark of true talent. 

Buttering Trio - No Joke (Free The Robots Remix)

Serious business right here!
Free The Robots setting up the scene. New Buttering Trio album coming soon and you just know it’s going to be gorgeous.

Daughter - Love (BAILE Remix)

Late night magic right here

Zara McFarlane – “Open Heart” (Swindle Remix)

Some like it soft. Some like it hard. Some like both. Together.


It’s not everyday you get to hear new music coming from the Bedmo Disco fam, but when it does happen you’re not sure how the hell you’ve been doing without them. 

These two tracks are as ace as ace can get. Boogie to the max!

Garden City Movement - Move On (Official Video)

Oh yes. This song, definitely one of the most favorite pieces of music I listened to last year, just got a touching, suggestive and kinda naughty very beautiful and well made video. 

Yet another incentive for you to get on with falling in love with Tel Aviv’s Garden City Movement. Because you should be doing just that.

KerenDun & Echo - I’ll Follow You

Brand new video for a brand new duo consisting of the super talented KerenDun of Buttering Trio fame, and Echo who she’s been collaborating with in the outofthisworld groove collective Live Beat Tapes. It was quite obvious the two were getting on together quite well, and their upcoming joint EP seems like a very natural move. 

The splendid 'I'll Follow You' comes complete with an enthralling video, and altogether we've got a very very solid offering here from this promising duo, who are set to keep pushing the Raw Tapes sound till it gets all the much deserved attention it ought to get.

Will keep you updated when there’s more news coming this way, you can count on that.

Suit & Tie (T.I.P’s “Let Me Love” Rework)

A bit of a belated remix here I guess, but you won’t be hearing no complaints about no Two Inch Punch music from me, no sir.

How To Dress Well - Words I Don’t Remember (Youan Edit)

Do you like edits? Do you love music? Here you go then love.

BOK BOK featuring KELELA - Melba’s Call


Posted this song about a week ago and was already going absolutely bonkers about it. But this nothing-short-of-stunning video just elevated it to even more sublime reaches of jawdroppingness.

Bok Bok is a genius.
NIght Slugs are taking it to the next level, which is unfathomable as I was under the impression they were already ON that level??
Kelela has the potential to go BOOM, bringing an invigorating crisp, honest and fresh vibe to the game, while proving to be the perfect material for forward-thinking producers to play with and mold as they wish.

AND - whoever made this video is a masterful bastard who will hopefully be making all of the videos in the entire world from now on.

Make sure HD is on.

Chloe Martini - Candy

Poland is where it’s at. Apparently. Can’t really figure out what this Flirtini collective is, since it’s all in Polish, but I’ve been following Chloe Martini for over a year now and it was clear from the get go that she’s gonna deliver, and with her outcome better and better with each release, I think this is her time to shine, so keep a close watch on her.

Romare - Jimmy

Romare could from the first tune released be identified as one of the most unique and intriguing electronic musicians around. His new track Jimmy (Free DL) easily makes this beyond clear.

Museum of Love - Monotronic (Secret Circuit Remix)

Museum of Love is a project co-lead by Pat Mahoney, LCD Soundsystem mainman and James Murphy’s partner at DJing, If you managed to sleep on this, or failed to connect at first, do listen to this astounding Secret Circuit remix to ‘Monotonic’ which will send you straight to check the original (which definitely stands up to the expectations)

Travis Porter - Do a Trick feat. Gucci Mane (Kodak to Graph Edit)

This starts off nice and all and then just turns amazing

How To Dress Well - Words I Don’t Remember

Didn’t even realize how much I was missing How To Dress Well. What a song!

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